Our Rooms

The Copper County Conviction
Min: 3 People   Max: 12 People 
Recommend: 6-8 People  
90 Minute Game

You thought this was going to be just another cattle drive when you left Boot Hill last week.  But the scandalous Copper County Sheriff had other plans for you!  He’s done gone and locked up one of your partners for no good reason!   You bust into the jail house to break ‘em out, when you discover there’s something far more nefarious going on…

This adventure is extremely challenging
Not any fun for the youngins' or those new to escape rooms
Alice in Wonderland - The Final Chapter
Max: 8 People
60 Minute Game

You've had a wonderful nonsensical adventure here in Wonderland, so much that you've almost forgotten that you're lost!  But the time has come to be to go home, if at all possible. The rabbit hole is closing, will you be trapped forever or will you complete this final chapter of Alice in Wonderland?!

A magical adventure
Fun for the whole family 
Twisted Jigsaw
Max: 6 People 
60 Mintue Game

Hello... you may be wondering why you're here. Your devious actions have lead you straight into my trap!  You have one hour to escape or the toxic fumes you smell will leave you paralyzed....and my prisoner....FOREVER....Will you make it out?  Or stay with me until your end?  Let the game begin....

An abstract gory adventure
At least 1 adult participant required
The Mayan Experience 
Max: 12 People  
60 Minute Game

You and your band of treasure hunters are on a quest to find the Golden Skull hidden by an ancient Mayan tribe.  After months of searching the dense rain forest , you're so close!  But the first torturous rain of the season is baring down, will you locate the treasure before its too late?!

Lots of hands on activities
Fun for the whole family
The Bunker Room
Max: 7 People
60 Minute Game

You and your group have been touring Captain Morgan's historic WWII bunker.  You're just about to conclude your tour when everything goes dark!  Captain Morgan's secret storage of poisonous gas has mysteriously been released and its rolling down the halls!!  Will you be able to reach the shut off valve and escape before it the gas reaches you?!
Locks and hidden messages
​Perfect adventure for those new to Escape Rooms